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Lawn Fungus and Disease Control

Common Texas Lawn Diseases


There are many different diseases that can affect your lawn. The most common lawn diseases and fungus in the area include spring and fall brown patch disease and gray leaf spot.

If your grass is browning in certain areas and that browning appears to be spreading, you may have brown patch disease. You can tell when you have brown patch when the patches in your lawn have an outer, smokey ring that can leave the circular patch resembling a frog eye. Included in our treatment plans is prevention against fall brown patch disease so that the ugly, brown circles never show up in your lawn at all!

Our Professional Lawn Disease Treatment


Part of being the lawn care experts is knowing the different kinds of diseases are prevalent from native fungi in warm and cool-season grasses here in Texas. However, knowing is only half of the battle. We also treat and prevent these diseases from happening.

Since Texas is known for our warmer climate, the humidity mixed with the heat promotes fungus growth if not treated, especially during rainy and wet spells or simply from over-watering.

If these ugly diseases are present in your lawn or you’re looking to prevent them, simply consult with us on a proper watering schedule, care and maintenance for your diseased lawn, or to have fungicide professionally applied to your lawn.

Our treatments have brown patch preventative mixtures to prevent the disease from ever popping up in your lawn!

Green and yellow grass texture Brown pat
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